Update from Ms. Rosalie Doherty, Principal

We are excited to share with Holy Cross families the outstanding results from our winter MAP test. Our students take MAP tests three times a year (fall, winter, and spring). It measures not only our students’ level of achievement in reading and math, but also how much they are growing throughout the year. MAP is also really helpful because it is nationally normed, meaning that it samples the performance of over 7 million students in 22,000 different schools across the country and compares the achievement of each school, grade, and student against this large nationwide student sample.

Our students at Holy Cross on average have not only outperformed schools locally but also have dramatically outperformed the national average in both the level of academic achievement and growth: 

76% of all Holy Cross students met or exceeded the national average grade-level scores for reading, and nearly 60% met or exceeded the national average grade-level scores for math. Approximately 60% of all Holy Cross students met or exceeded their goals in math and reading. 

The data is also showing us that all of the hard work students, faculty, and families have been doing to not only overcome post-pandemic learning loss, but to exceed pre-pandemic achievement, is paying off. In 2018-2019, Holy Cross students were in the 55th percentile for reading and the 46th percentile for math. In the current winter test, students are in the 68th percentile for reading and the 57th percentile for math. Locally, schools may still be reporting pre-pandemic achievement data (2018-2019), while Holy Cross students’ current growth indicates not only exceptional recovery, but continued upward trajectory post-pandemic. You can review data for local district schools here

The table of achievement quintiles above shows how Holy Cross students have advanced into high (blue) and high-average (green) achievement percentiles, moving from the low (red) and low-average (orange) percentiles. Data from remote testing during the pandemic is not included. 

A special shout out to these classes:

  • 86% of 7th graders met or exceeded their math goals.
  • 88% of kindergarten students met or exceeded their reading goals.
  • 81% of 6th graders met or exceeded their reading goals.
  • Many of our 8th graders scored so far above the norm that their scores for reading and math are not on the NWEA MAP norm data charts.

Your encouragement and ongoing support has been very important to us, and your feedback is also very much welcomed. We are so very grateful that you have, and continue to choose, Holy Cross. The time to re-enroll is now! Be sure to enroll your child for next year and complete your financial aid application. We look forward to continuing your child’s educational journey with you as part of our Holy Cross family!

What’s Next? Data Analysis and Skill Plans

We’ve recently launched IXL for all grades after successfully using it in middle school since last school year. Teachers use IXL to create individualized skill plans for students to practice and develop skills in each of their MAP goal areas. Teachers will continue to use MAP data throughout the year as students work toward their spring learning goals.

MAP is one part of the picture of each child’s achievement.data. MAP is important because it provides information about what your child knows and is ready to learn. Students are also assessed through classwork and module assessments. Teachers check for understanding throughout lessons and review exit tickets after lessons. We use all this information, in addition to MAP results, to support students so they reach their individual learning goals.

High School Readiness

Here is the schedule for the spring 2023 High School Admissions Practice Tests for 6th and 7th graders. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools (AOPS) annual High School Visitation Day for 7th graders will be held on March 23. Please mark your calendars. More information will be provided in the near future.

Apply Now for Financial Aid

Financial aid applications are now open until April 30. All re-enrolled families should have received their SY23-24 financial aid information via email. Upload your W2 and completed 1040 individual income tax return for 2022.

Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia

CSFP Applications are open until March 15. If your child’s scholarship expires in June or if your child does not have a CSFP scholarship, please click here to apply.

God bless you in the week ahead.

Rosalie Doherty, Principal
Holy Cross Catholic School, IMS

February 19, 2023