Update from Ms. Rosalie Doherty, Principal

Dear Holy Cross Families,

I am excited to share that, once again in 2023, Holy Cross students have dramatically outperformed national averages for academic achievement and growth as measured on MAP tests. MAP samples the performance of over 10 million students in different schools across the country to compare the achievement and growth of each student.

  • 77% of all Holy Cross students met or exceeded the national average grade-level scores for reading.
  • 63% met or exceeded the national average grade-level scores for math.
  • 70% met or exceeded their goals in reading.
  • 67% met or exceeded their goals in math.

Locally, other schools are still reporting pre-pandemic achievement data (2018-2019) and are in the news as they consider lowering goals, but Holy Cross data shows continued gains post-pandemic. In 2018-2019, Holy Cross students were in the 55th percentile for reading and the 46th percentile for math. In the current spring test, students are in the 68th percentile for reading and the 59th percentile for math. The upward trajectory continues!

The table below is updated with our spring data. It shows how Holy Cross students continue to advance into high (blue) and high-average (green) achievement percentiles from low (red) and low-average (orange) percentiles. 

Holy Cross school MAP data 2023

Below is an updated projection of how our students would do on the PSSA, based on spring MAP reading scores in grades 3 through 8:

Holy Cross school PSSA projections 2023

Check out the extraordinary accomplishments of our kindergarten and 8th-grade students:

  • 100% of kindergarten students met or exceeded their reading AND math goals.
  • Our kindergarten students’ average math score is 174 compared to the national average of 157. Their average reading score is 168 compared to the national average of 153.
  • 100% of 8th graders met or exceeded their reading goals.
  • Our 8th graders’ average math score is 252 compared to the national average of 230. Their average reading score is 246 compared to the national average of 221.
  • Many of our 8th graders scored so far above the norm that their scores for reading and math are not on the NWEA MAP norm data charts.

You can click to view or download a Student Progress Report Reference Guide and A Family Guide to MAP Growth, which have helpful information on reading your child’s report. THANK YOU for the strong partnership that led to this success!

Share the Secret!

Do you know a family who would be interested in a Holy Cross education for their child? Please refer them to us. We still have room in several grades.

What a Fun Day it Was!

Fun Day, held on June 2, was certainly a day to remember, with games, music, dancing, basketball, a bounce house, the Brotherly Grub food truck, free hot dogs, a special performance led by Mr. Robinson, face painting with Ms. Lord, and a clown and magic show. I am thankful to all who helped make this event so much fun for our students, with special thanks to:

  • Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Iacovelli, and Ms. Lord, for all your work on the event committee and throughout the day
  • Our parent volunteers, for helping students with the activities
  • Our middle school students who helped set up the games
  • Our school staff who kept the hot dogs grilling, welcomed families, set up and cleaned up, and did many other tasks throughout the day
  • And thanks to YOU for helping your child get ready for the event and for joining in the fun!

Other Fun Events

Other recent events have included fire safety assemblies for all grades; a visit from the The Clay Studio for grade 4; the kindergarten and grade 1 field trip to Smith Playground; the 8th grade trip to Wonderspaces, Old City, and Shane Confectionery; a performance for grades 3 and 4 by the Troupe Da-Da West African Dance and Drum Ensemble; kindergarten’s move-up day; and a dance for grades 6-8.


Rosalie Doherty, Principal
Holy Cross Catholic School, IMS