Rosalie Doherty


Ms. Rosalie Doherty has been with Independence Mission Schools since it began in 2013, and has been a teacher, coach, and administrator for over 20 years. Ms. Doherty has been named a 2024 Neubauer Fellow by the Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders. The Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership is a highly selective program that enables principals with demonstrated results to further develop critical leadership skills and collaborate with other dedicated school leaders. As a Neubauer Fellow, Ms. Doherty’s goal is to increase school achievement and contribute to improved student outcomes in Philadelphia.

Ms. Doherty was selected for TNTP’s Pathway to Leadership in Urban Schools, obtaining her principal’s certification in 2017. She was also a Maguire Scholar in the St. Joseph’s University reading specialist graduate program. She received the St. Joseph’s University Reading Specialist Award and the IMS Teacher Impact Award. Ms. Doherty also serves on the IMS Principals’ Council. Her favorite interesting fact about herself is that she’s a proud graduate of four local colleges: La Salle, Chestnut Hill, Temple, and St. Joseph’s University.

Ms. Doherty joined the Holy Cross team as principal during the 2021-2022 school year. She describes the school’s greatest strengths as the spirit of collaboration, trust, and dedication shared by teachers, staff, and families, with students at the heart of all we do. “Together, we’re a powerful and supportive team, and the result is the success of our students.”